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Advanced Technologies

MMLJ, Inc SodaBlast Systems

MMLJ, Inc SodaBlast Systems

MMLJ, Inc SodaBlast Systems

MMLJ, Inc SodaBlast Systems

Unlike conventional gravity fed equipment, SodaBlast Systems' design differs in that it is non-plugging with constant abrasive discharge and positive abrasive control. The cross-section view in this diagram reflects the principal operation.

The compressed air passes through the air inlet nozzle into the outlet pipe causing a venturi type action to draw the abrasive into the air stream (like sucking through a straw). This design does NOT require soda flow adjustment at the nozzle in contrast with bottom fed blast pots. This air/abrasive mixture is then forcibly discharged from the machine. The result is a constant & uniform abrasive discharge with non-plugging performance.

SodaBlast Systems takes great pride in manufacturing the highest quality blast equipment, using the best materials, workmanship, and customer care.

Our name plate on every blast pot give evidence of our full compliance with the ASME and National Board Code requirements. We offer many different sizes and configurations.

SodaBlast Systems Manufactures equipment that is Simple, Trouble-Free, Efficient and Economical, and Versatile. We also build custom equipment.

Simple: The air abrasive mixing contains no wearing parts to affect the abrasive adjustment. This means controlled positive abrasive adjustment.

Trouble-Free: The abrasive doesn't stop flowing or plug during operation. All parts in the air-abrasive stream are made of the highest abrasion resistant materials such as special hardened alloy steel, rubber, and tungsten carbide. Bottom Line: Trouble Free abrasive blasting.

Efficient and Economical: Positive Regulated Air-Abrasive mixture means no waste, and non-plugging equals no expensive "down time."

Versatile: SodaBlast Systems offers several models which are "multi-media" capable. What this means is that you can rely on the same Simple, Trouble-Free, Efficient and Economical results whether you blast with soda, sugar sand, corn cob, walnut shell, or one of many other common abrasives.