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MMLJ, Inc SodaBlast Systems


Flood remediation & cleanup typically includes sanitizing homes and businesses for molds and mildews that formed after the floods receded. These same surfaces are often covered with other micro-organisms that must be eliminated.

Toxic Mold Spores
Molds and other microbes start growing on water damaged materials within 48 hours after flood waters have receded. Mold contamination in buildings can cause significant health problems.

These problems can include simple allergic responses such as eye, nose and throat irritation, excessive colds and flu, lowered immune systems, acute mycotoxicosis - a severe reaction to mold produced toxic chemicals, mold induced asthma, mold lung infections like aspergillosis, and chronic debilitating lung diseases such hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

If properly remediated right after the waters recede these health risks can be avoided along with the cost of future remediation. A consultation with a Remediation Expert is best.

MMLJ, Inc SodaBlast Systems


Even a minor house fire leaves behind a major mess. There is the obvious fire damage plus smoke and water damage in almost all cases. When damage is minor, a repair to the existing structure may be warranted.

When cleaning up after a fire and prepping for reconstruction many challenges will be encountered. Some of the biggest are:

The Smell of Smoke Soot and Residues Charred but salvageable rafters, beams, flooring, etc Soda Blasting is extremely effective in removing toxic residues, soot, and associated smells after a fire. Soda Blast Contractors often work with insurance companies over a large geographic area to quickly clean fire and smoke damaged locations.

Soot is comprised of carbon and other materials which are incompletely burned or oxidized. Although some of the carbon particles have electrical charges that cause them to stick together, most often greases and oils are the adhesives. Some soot particles are dry and can be vacuumed effectively. Other soot particles a more agressive action to dissolve the greases or oils.

Standard abrasive blasting is a dirty process, often loading and even embedding the surface with contaminants (grease, oil, tar & abrasive particles) in the process of removing the coating. Remediators are limiting their use these methods for a more modern solution.

Remediation experts are taking an Eco-Friendly approach with The Genuine SodaBlasterâ„¢ from SodaBlast Systems.

MMLJ, Inc SodaBlast Systems


SodaBlast Systems has amazing solutions for Food Processing plants and equipment. SodaBlast media is FDA/USDA and Kosher approved. It is also GRAS, so it can be used in food plants without worry. Check out for more information on this clean green product line.